Change Your Routines and Change Your Life

ADHD Education

For the first time in many years I was becoming unmotivated with my workout routine.

I started blaming it on the weather, my work, my ADHD and everything else but the real source.  

It was starting to become a problem. I had this strong belief if I didn’t do my set routine, in a set amount of time, then it wasn’t really a workout.

My routine included a rather large range of exercises.

Unfortunately, the routine had been repeated too many times. It was becoming redundant and boring.

Recently, while at the gym, one of the trainers told me the best workouts are the ones that are different all the time. This variety causes muscle confusion that literally surprises your body each time. This makes the workouts even harder, burns more calories and builds more muscle.

This was a real awakening for me. It reminded me that variety really is a good thing.

I also recently noticed the moment I changed the rug in my office, my internal drive and energy came back stronger.

I realized that although I always others to change their routines, but I wasn’t doing it myself.

Now I know what it means to teach others what we ourselves need to know!!!

Have a great day.