The Preeminent Governing Bodies of Professional Coaching and What They Do - Accreditation Matters

Coach Training

We previously discussed the issues facing the ADHD coaching profession: anyone can call themselves an ADHD coach, regardless whether they have actually received any training.

The second article in our series is about how to identify quality training and what a client seeking a qualified, certified ADHD coach, from an accredited program, needs to know to make an informed decision based on facts, not conjecture.

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Attention Deficit’ is really attention inconsistency…

ADHD Quotes

ADHD is also an attention "abundance" challenge.

When you are highly interested in a subject, task or project you can intensely hyper focus on it for hours and completely lose track of time.

The key is to match the intensity of your engaged attention with a purposeful, inspiring intention.

This combination frequently manifests in a positive result.

- David Giwerc