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ADHD Coaching: An Integral Component of Effective Comprehensive Treatment for Adults with ADHD

ADHD Education | Coach Training | David Giwerc

by David Giwerc

Research clearly indicates psychopharmacology’s prominent role as an ADHD intervention.

Even if the primary care physician is comfortable with treating an ADHD adult, the typical office visit does not allow sufficient time to address every issue that confronts the newly diagnosed adult ADHD patient. 

The patient may leave with an appropriate ADHD medication regimen, but many other critical problems related to the diagnosis may remain unaddressed.

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Why Is The Virtual Learning Experience at the ADD Coach Academy So Powerful?

ADHD Education | Coach Training

Since its inception in 1999, the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) has embraced both distance e-Learning and adult learning principles in our ADHD coach training and educational courses. 

Our program is specifically designed to leverage the advantages of voice-to-voice training, traditional classroom structure, and interactive, flexible, creative online learning. 

It’s designed to engage and activate the unique brain wiring of all of our coaching students.

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When Boring And Hard Are Synonymous - Understanding the struggle with ADHD

ADHD Education | Miscellaneous

By Nathaniel Peters

I have ADHD. No, I’ve never been officially diagnosed as an adult. 

As a toddler in the early 90s, the teachers just called me “challenged” and told my parents I needed help. 

In what I can only describe as heroism, my parents refused to medicate me. Instead, they were advocates for me through and through, and over time, I learned to deal with being endlessly distracted.

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A Pause

ADHD Education | ADHD Quotes | Coaches in Action | Miscellaneous

Master Coach, and ADDCA Teleclass leader, Jay Perry wrote this powerful poem.

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Music a Powerful Source of Energy and Empowerment

ADHD Education

For me, music is a special gift I can access whenever I need it. I can customize it to work with the emotions of my heart and it makes mundane tasks more interesting, in my head. 

Music is always available for you to listen whenever you want. 

Selecting the right kind of music can fulfill specific emotional and motivational needs.

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Passion is the Fuel that Ignites the Fire Within Our Souls

ADHD Education

Passion is the fuel that ignites the unique sparks in our hearts and drives the spirit in our souls.

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Can Learning More About ADHD Really Change Your Life?

ADHD Education

YES, it can.  See how our courses have changed lives.

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Guide to Adolescent & Adult ADHD

ADHD Education

ADHD: Grown Up
A Guide to Adolescent & Adult ADHD
Joel L. Young M.D.

An essential clinical resource when working with adult ADHD clients.

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Character Strengths: Inspiring My Purpose to Empower Individuals with ADHD

ADHD Education

For many years, I knew I was born with a set of specific talents, which resulted in recurring patterns of success. I knew that these talents worked well in specific situations, but there were many other moments where they remained stagnant. It seemed like whenever I really needed them to support me in accomplishing an important goal, I could not locate and enlist them. 

Looking back, I think I hoped that I could simply take out some sort of “special key” to open the door to where my strengths were located and use them whenever I wanted. It took many years for me to realize that it does not work this way.

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Discover the Hidden Strengths Buried Deep Inside Your ADHD Brain

ADHD Education

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of brilliant, intelligent and highly creative individuals with ADHD. 

They have shared with me that they intuitively knew there was a hidden light within them, but it was covered by a dark veil that did not allow them to experience the radiance of their own brilliance. 

When they were introduced to the tools I share in this book, the different models, strategies and coaching skills taught at the ADD Coach Academy and began to integrate them into their lives, as well as those of their clients with ADHD, the darkness began to lift, layer by layer, and it allowed rays of divine light to shine through.

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