Guide to Adolescent & Adult ADHD

ADHD: Grown Up
A Guide to Adolescent & Adult ADHD
Joel L. Young M.D.

An essential clinical resource when working with adult ADHD clients.

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Character Strengths: Inspiring My Purpose to Empower Individuals with ADHD

For many years, I knew I was born with a set of specific talents, which resulted in recurring patterns of success. I knew that these talents worked well in specific situations, but there were many other moments where they remained stagnant. It seemed like whenever I really needed them to support me in accomplishing an important goal, I could not locate and enlist them. 

Looking back, I think I hoped that I could simply take out some sort of “special key” to open the door to where my strengths were located and use them whenever I wanted. It took many years for me to realize that it does not work this way.

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Discover the Hidden Strengths Buried Deep Inside Your ADHD Brain

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of brilliant, intelligent and highly creative individuals with ADHD. They have shared with me that they intuitively knew there was a hidden light within them, but it was covered by a dark veil that did not allow them to experience the radiance of their own brilliance. When they were introduced to the tools I share in this book, the different models, strategies and coaching skills taught at the ADD Coach Academy and began to integrate them into their lives, as well as those of their clients with ADHD, the darkness began to lift, layer by layer, and it allowed rays of divine light to shine through.

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The Difference Between Regular Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching

Clients with ADHD have the same human needs as any coaching client. However, they also face unique challenges related to ADHD that can interfere with their quality of life. These challenges, which are related to the executive functions of the brain's management system, might include emotional self-regulation, cognitive and physical hyperactivity, impulsivity, distraction, focus, decision-making, time management, short-term working memory, and more. It may also include the belief that they can’t attain their short- or long-term goals because they have ADHD.

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Adults with ADHD: Nourish to Flourish by Using VIA Character Strengths

Research shows that less than 20% of people are flourishing. We are not functioning at our highest psychological or social level. As a human race, we are not living optimally. We are not aware of what makes up the core essence of our authentic selves. Without a foundational understanding of what makes you tick, you will not realize your full potential.

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ADD Coach Academy Models

In my years coaching people with ADHD, I have created a number of learning models that make understanding complex concepts (such as brain wiring, the interest-attention connection and belief programs) much easier.

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The Importance of Understanding Your Processing Style

Your processing style isn't limited to how you learn in an academic environment. Understanding how you make sense of the many situations and types of information you encounter each day is just as important.

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Walking the Path of Integrity for Adults with ADHD

Life for adults with ADHD can be like riding volatile waves in the ocean and not knowing where the current is going to take you. 

If you know that what you do and how well you do it does not make who you are, then you can also learn to create a smoother ride through the unpredictable and turbulent currents of your ADHD.


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There are 7.3 Billion People in the World…

"There are approximately 7.3 billion people in the world. It is estimated that about 4 percent of the world’s population has ADHD. Research also indicates that 85 percent of those who might have it don’t know it because they are undiagnosed. That is a whole lot of people — some 300 million — who may not know what is getting in the way of their ability to live a better life."
- David Giwerc

ADHD: A Unique Brain Wiring in a Neuro-Diverse World

If you have been living your life based on what others tell you are the ways you must learn, and those ways haven’t been working for you, you may be apt to believe that you are incapable of learning, or somehow broken.

But it’s not true. The standardized and required ways of learning, processing information, and performing may not work for you.

Understanding your unique brain wiring can help you facilitate home, school and workplace environments that honor and serve your unique brain wiring.

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