ADHD: Gain Momentum With Your KNOWINGS


ADHD is a challenge of momentum.

Don’t’ do the things that are hardest and most difficult first.

Do those things that will get your engine revved up so you can build off the energy and forward movement you have already established.

Don’t listen to the dominant beliefs that hold you back.

Listen to the music that makes you sing, dance and come alive!

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The Greatest Ignorance People Have is Rejecting Something They Know Nothing About


The greatest ignorance people have is rejecting something they know nothing or very little about, and then going out and saying things that justify that ignorance.

There are some people who by virtue of a credential or status, think they know what ADHD is and think they know what solutions need to be implemented for everyone to improve their ADHD. 

The scientific facts and comprehensive health options that are part of a successful system for managing ADHD have been researched, documented and disseminated to the public. They have been successfully used by countless numbers of people with ADHD to create fulfilling lives. 

We know that proper diagnosis supported by the appropriate medications have been important components of successful treatment. 

Well-trained and experienced health care professionals who work with people who have ADHD, know that an emphasis on medications is NOT THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION. The “pill” will not give you the skills to learn what needs to be integarted and implemented to live a successful life with ADHD.

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ADD Crusher™

The ADD Coach Academy endorses  ADD Crusher™ as an effective support tool that provides ADHD-friendly videos & tools to help you crush your ADHD and live to your potential – all the more if used in tandem with proper diagnois, treatment, education and ADHD coaching.
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Dr. Hallowell’s Response to the NY Times Opinion Piece “Ritalin Gone Wrong” NY Times January 28,2012

Regarding the opinion piece "Ritalin Gone Wrong" written by Alan Sroufe, Ph.D., (NY Times, Jan. 29, 2012): As is usually the case when the use of stimulant medications like Ritalin makes it into mainstream media, the piece pushed emotional hot-buttons in a way that would scare the daylights out of uninformed readers and lead them to avoid ever using such medications or allowing their children to, thereby giving up on a class of medications with enormous potential benefits.


Let me offer a different point of view. I'm an M.D., a child and adult psychiatrist who's been treating children who have what we now call ADHD for over 30 years. I was on the Harvard Medical School faculty for 20 years, and I still see patients in my offices in Sudbury, MA, and New York City every day. I have both ADHD and dyslexia myself. I've co-written, with John Ratey, the best-selling books on the topic of ADHD. I know this condition, and its various treatments, inside and out.


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Great Interview with Russel Barkley Ph.D. on Attention Talk Radio

If you have not listened to the March 9th interview with Dr. Russell Barkley and Jeff Copper, ACG, PCC of Attention Talk Radio, you should go listen to the recording - Click here to listen

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Piece vs. Peace -  ADDentifying your focus

One of the many coaching distinctions we use in our training program at the ADD Coach Academy is piece vs. peace.  

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Stillness Happens When I Move with Music

I have discovered that in order to be still in my mind, so I can process, understand and discern what is happening, I have to be moving.

Movement through exercise and music are the mechanisms that gives my brain the ability to slow down the bombardment of stimuli overwhelming me and gain new clarity where chaos once existed.

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Change Your Routines and Change Your Life

For the first time in many years I was becoming unmotivated with my workout routine.

I started blaming it on the weather, my work, my ADHD and everything else but the real source.  

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ADHD, Interest, Stimulation and Momentum

ADHD is first and foremost a challenge of brain stimulation.

Boring, mundane tasks that are the main focus for a person with ADHD are going to be very difficult to pay attention to.

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Survey Tidbits

Thanks to all of you who have already responded to our survey, “Your ADHD issues.”
We are discovering important information we want to share with you and will
continue to do so during the year. In question # 5 of the survey, we asked respondents
to rate their level of agreement with a list of statements—-53.6 % of the survey respondents
strongly agreed with the following statement:
“I know I can do better for myself but I just don’t know where to begin.”

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