A Pause

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Master Coach, and ADDCA Teleclass leader, Jay Perry wrote this powerful poem.

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The Seven Big Benefits of Pausing For People with ADHD

Ultimately, the quality of life for individuals with ADHD is affected by their ability to pause and use self-restraint - essentially applying your mind’s mental brakes. Pausing is the difference between reacting with old patterns of negative behavior that result in dire consequences, versus consciously responding by discerning your optimal options -before taking action- which can lead to a better outcome.

David Giwerc, Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy, MCAC, MCC, presents “The Seven Big Benefits of Pausing for People with ADHD”, and explains how it can significantly improve your quality of life.

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David Giwerc Received Prestigious Founder’s Award From ACO

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The 2016 Founder's Award for distinguished service to the professional ADHD community was awarded to David Giwerc by ACO, the ADHD Coaching Organization.

Giwerc, MCAC MCC Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy, received the award on Friday, April 29th at the 2016 ACO Conference in Reston, Virginia.

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​The ADD Coach Academy Participates in Award Winning Research

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The ADD Coach Academy Participates in Award Winning Research

The ADD Coach Academy is proud to announce that J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D, first author, received one of four best research awards, for his poster, “Are There Character Strengths Associated with Adult ADHD? Comparison of ADHD Adults and Controls on the VIA Inventory of Strengths", at this year's APSARD conference (The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders) held in Washington DC on January 16-18 2016. 

David Giwerc, MCAC, MCC, Founder & President of the ADD Coach Academy, co-presented the poster with Dr. Ramsay, and is the second author of the award winning poster.

In addition, Dr. Ramsey and David Giwerc presented a second research poster: "Are There Virtues Associated with Adult ADHD? Comparison of ADHD Adults and Controls on the VIA Inventory of Strengths.

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It’s Not How Old You Are Externally…

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I read this wonderful articleabout the oldest man alive, Yisrael Kristal, who is 112 years old and is a Holocaust survivor:  

His life and his attitude towards all the tragedy he has experienced, enlightened and inspired me with this thought:

It's not how old you are identified externally. It's how old you feel inspired, internally, which keeps your soul motivated eternally.

- David Giwerc

New Year, New Story

Happy New Year!!!! 

It's 2016 and you have a blank slate to compose a new story. So, what's the theme of your story going to be? 

You know the power of your mind to either repel or propel you from taking focused, forward- moving action.

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Insist on yourself; never imitate…

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You are a divine unique special human being created in a mold of your own. You are not a coin to be reproduced with same image, ingredients and value.You are an individual with your own special blueprint. 

You have trillions of ways you process and create in the world. Find the one or two ways you do things uniquely and successfully and go do more of it. 

There is only ONE YOU it is the only you have and will become. So why not become the great individual created in the image of a higher power. 

- David Giwerc

ADDers sense their potential…

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The only way to learn how to feel successful is to experience success over and over until it overrides the old negative story and becomes your automatic second nature.

- David Giwerc

Learn to successfully manage the situational challenges of ADHD…

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When you understand the positive, purposeful situations which activate your ADHD brain, you can consistently use them to ignite the energy and focus you need to create and sustain your own forward momentum and progress. 

- David Giwerc

Music a Powerful Source of Energy and Empowerment

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For me, music is a special gift I can access whenever I need it. I can customize it to work with the emotions of my heart and it makes mundane tasks more interesting, in my head. 

Music is always available for you to listen whenever you want. 

Selecting the right kind of music can fulfill specific emotional and motivational needs.

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