ADHD Coach Training Testimonials

The ADD Coach Academy met and exceeded my expectations...

I highly recommend the ADD Coach Academy to anyone whose passion is to learn how to most effectively be a personal coach. No matter how you plan to specialize with coaching, ADDCA gives you what you need to know to begin your career.

Terry M. Dickson MD, ACG
The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan

I do believe that I found my "true voice" through ADDCA...

Hearing David Giwerc in '07 started the journey for me, and life has not been the same. Though I've sung opera for years, I do believe that I found my "true voice" through ADDCA. You have been a great blessing in my life!


ADDCA is delivering the gold standard of ADHD training to this university...

 ..resulting in a positive impact for not only the students with ADHD, but, for other students with learning challenges. I highly recommend educators, colleges and universities take advantage of the many opportunities available through the ADD Coach Academy and David Giwerc in an effort to better meet the needs of college students with ADHD. 

Eileen Henry, Ed. D. 
Executive Director Center for Advancement of Learning 
Muskingum University New Concord, OH USA

I have been able to finally “live up to my full potential”...

ADDCA's training really opened my eyes to see how inadequately the therapeutic world was prepared to work with those of us diagnosed with ADHD. Thanks to the ADD Coach Academy I have been able to finally “live up to my full potential” and utilize the strengths and talents that were locked inside for so many years.

Mike Anderson, LCSW, ACG, CPVA, CPBA
ADHD Coach
Hinckley, IL

My expectations have been met.

The program is wonderful both in coaching and in the substantive area of ADHD. As a person who does NOT have a diagnosis of ADHD it is instructive listening and interacting with people who do. Its to important for a coaching professional to understand the clientele they are working with.

Ira Dressner, LCSW-R, Ph.D.


Something you won't find anywhere else...

ADDCA not only made it a pleasure to learn, but gave me information I have never come across, like ADHD Strengths! Who Knew. It was a wonderful learning experience and it gave me the confidence to continue on the road to becoming an ADHD Coach!

- Joanne McNeil

Andrew Lewis discusses how ADDCA's training program literally transformed his life with ADHD

Living in the United Kingdom, Andrew Lewis still chose to take his ADHD Coach Training at the ADD Coach Academy. He discusses how ADDCA's training program literally transformed his life with ADHD from sitting on the couch playing video games to becoming the top ADHD Coach in the UK.

Lynne Edris discusses how her training experience with ADDCA completely changed her life ...

... transitioning from being a stay- at-home-mom for a decade to becoming a successful ADHD coach with a powerful purpose.

Joy Birmingham shares her experience...

Joy Birmingham shares how her training at the ADD Coach Academy strengthened her coaching skills and empowered her to find her authentic self.

View this powerful message from Steve Gundy...

Steve Gundy discusses how his ADHD coach training at the ADDCA transformed his world of ADHD failure and problems to a new purpose full of passion, where he is now, successfully coaching individuals with ADHD and Autism.

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