Why Life Coaches Need ADHD Training

Coach Training

Frustrated woman in box1.pngThe work of being a life coach is meaningful and fulfilling, a calling that offers support and sustainability to people who are trying to become their best selves. 

However, the work of successfully helping people move forward in their lives, and building a successful life coaching practice can sometimes be more of a challenge than you anticipated.

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For many life coaches, there are two main challenges:

  • Frustration at working with people who say they want your expertise but can’t seem to benefit from your coaching
  • Struggling to find new clients

By getting trained to more effectively coach people who have ADHD, you can solve both of those problems. 

Here are some key truths about life coaching:

  • You already have clients with ADHD, and many of them may not even know it. (85% of adults who have ADHD don’t know)
  • If you’re struggling to support any of your clients, ADHD may be at the heart of it
  • People with ADHD have unique brain wiring, and traditional life coaching methods are typically not adequate to meet those clients’ needs
  • There are many people out there looking for a life coach with ADHD specialization, but can’t find them


Struggling With Clients? What if Their ADHD is the Culprit?

What if a lot of the issues you’re facing as a life coach could be resolved with a better understanding of ADHD, and a better toolbox to help those who have it?

What if your clients really did want to stay on track and work through the process you lay out for them, but it was their brain wiring that was stopping them from moving forward?

A traditional classroom without any supports for ADHD students won’t meet their needs. In the same way, simply working with a traditional life coach might not be enough to guide people with ADHD to where they need to be.

That’s where additional training for ADHD can benefit both you as a coach, and your clients who are navigating the world with ADHD.

Many of the frustrations faced by both yourself as a coach, and by your ADHD clients can be relieved when you learn:

  • How those clients are wired
  • How the ADHD brain is activated
  • How your client interacts with the world
  • How they learn
  • How they are motivated

An added bonus is that by receiving focused training on what ADHD clients need in order to benefit from life coaching, you may find that your non-ADHD clients also benefit due to your broader understanding of motivation and overcoming the hurdles that stand in their way.

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Expand Your Client Base

Of course, the needs of your clients are the top priority for your coaching practice; after all, it’s why you became a certified life coach in the first place. But there’s something even more compelling than the opportunity to understand the struggles your current clients face.

You cannot continue to help your clients if your business isn’t living up to the time, energy, and money you invest in it.

Many adults with ADHD come at their careers ill-equipped to manage their ADHD symptoms. They are looking for quality, well-trained life coaches who are knowledgeable about ADHD, and they can’t find them.

Understanding the unique brain wiring for people with ADHD can help you reach others who are not yet benefitting from highly-qualified coaching. Increasing your skills with an ADHD Life Coaching certification from an accredited program can help you expand your client base.

The ADD Coach Academy is the most trusted name in ADHD coaching, and offers experienced coaches, already trained in the ICF competencies, the opportunity to expand both your coaching skills and your client base.

Life Coach Wanting ADHD Certification