At the age of 52 I went to my 1st #ADHD conference…

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"At the age of 52 I went to my 1st ADHD conference. People were spilling things, losing keys & getting lost- I was home!"   -ADHD patient

My first ADDA conference was like this. 

I also loved it because there were 500 people having 2500 conversations and everyone was able to follow all of them without getting frustrated or overwhelmed. 

Can you relate to either one of these statements?

Why Life Coaches Need ADHD Training

Coach Training

Frustrated woman in box1.pngThe work of being a life coach is meaningful and fulfilling, a calling that offers support and sustainability to people who are trying to become their best selves. 

However, the work of successfully helping people move forward in their lives, and building a successful life coaching practice can sometimes be more of a challenge than you anticipated.

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How to Find the Right ADHD Coach for You

Coach Training | Coaching

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Originally appeared in Psych Central

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David Giwerc Talks About ADHD Coaching on reWired with Eric Tivers

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David Giwerc, Founder & President of ADD Coach Academy, recently appeared on ADHD reWired with Eric Tivers.

In this interview, David talks about what coaching does for people with ADHD.  He also describes what the purpose of ADHD coaching is, and maybe more importantly, what coaching is NOT. 

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What is ADHD Coaching and How Can It Help?

ADHD Education | Coach Training | Coaching

Our friends at Totally ADD created this wonderful video that clearly, and entertainingly, provides information to help you easily understand what ADHD coaching is, and how it can help those struggling with ADHD.

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This Recording Could Save Your Young Adult Child from Going to Prison

ADHD Education | Miscellaneous

This audio recording is unprecedented and is an absolute must-listen, whether you are the parent or the young adult child who is taking ADHD stimulant medication.

Host Jeff Copper, from Attention Talk Radio, masterfully interviews a young adult college student who was arrested for drug diversion, classified as the illegal distribution of a prescription medication.

This young man courageously reveals his horrific experience for the purpose of preventing it from happening to another human being. This interview will leave you spellbound and in total disbelief that this could happen to any one of your kids. But it could, especially, if they are not made aware of their responsibility with stimulant medications, or any other prescribed medication.

Illegal distribution of stimulant medication under Federal and State law is a felony; and can lead to incarceration.

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Your Child Isn’t Defiant — His Skills Are Lagging

ADHD Education

“If he could, he would.” Children with ADHD don’t always act rudely or awkwardly on purpose — sometimes, they simply lack the executive function skills to keep up with confusing social norms and fast-paced conversations. Here’s how parents can reframe these social challenges and better bolster weak skills.

by Caroline Maguire, PCC, M.Ed., Director of ADDCA's ADHD Coaching for Families program

Originally published in ADDitude Magazine.

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Neil and Linda Swanson share their story and offer assistance to others

Coaches in Action

Here’s a great article about ADDCA graduates Neil (PACG) and Linda (ACCG) Swanson and how they dealt with ADHD, and what they’re doing in the community.

by Katie Fuster / originally published in the May edition of Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine

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Your uniqueness is also your creativity…

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Your uniqueness is also your creativity. 

It helps you think outside the box and aligns with your strengths/values.

It helps you with problem solving. 

ADHD: Character Strengths and Who You Are

ADHD Education | David Giwerc

What should you do if you have ADHD? The answer is often revealed by understanding who you are. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews master certified coach David Giwerc, MCAC, MCC, and Founder and President of ADD Coach Academy.

Jeff identifies what he attends to when he's coaching people to help them understand who they are and what they are all about.

David talks about how he uses character strengths to help individuals do the same.

Then they compare their different approaches to understand the contrast between the way Jeff and David think based on “who” they are and use that to explain what careers have worked for them in the past and how they're very different. If you are curious about “who” you are, you'll want to listen.

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