Simply ADHD Course (M-99)

Module: 099

This foundational course, Simply ADHD, will provide you with proven tools and models that powerfully explain ADHD and executive function in everyday language. It will also help you identify how and where ADHD can impact daily living while improving your ability to manage it more effectively for an enhanced quality of life.

We explore the aspects of ADHD from a challenge as well as a strength context, look at environments for success, and offer some of the related neuroscience and concepts that apply to each ADHD trait. We also provide proven tools, proprietary models, and strategies that powerfully support those impacted by ADHD to allow them to minimize and/or manage it so they can live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

Personal Transformation (PT) (M-100)

Module: 100

During the Personal Transformation (PT) course, you will engage in a transformational exploration of a set of coaching tools you will use first for yourself, then with your ADHD clients. You will participate in your own process of growth and self development while also learning from the process of others. You'll get your first look at the ADDCA Foundational Principles which will provide you with a powerful lens to view your best, authentic self and begin developing your own foundational principles upon which your coaching business will stand.

The end goal of the PT course is to create a clear picture of the key strengths, values, and attributes which genuinely identify who you are so that what you choose to do with your life is aligned with your core essence as a human being. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what your clients with and without ADHD will experience in their own journey toward personal growth, success and fulfillment. It will provide you with expanded insight and confidence as you integrate the ADHD coaching skills with your future clients.

So you've finished taking the Simply ADHD Course.

You now understand your ADHD and what's been getting in the way all those years.

The dark veil of ADHD pessimism has been lifted. Your natural brilliance and strengths are shining; you just don't know what to do with them.

Well you are now ready to begin the Personal Transformation (PT) course where you will begin to develop a strong foundation for your own self development.

In this course, you will begin to integrate your knowledge of ADHD into your own transformational process so that you can build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

You will create a clear definition of your most cherished values as a new blueprint for your own integrity and begin to identify new boundaries that will be aligned with your chosen purpose.

The Academy calls our 18 teleclass course, PT, "Personal Transformation" because that is exactly what will happen when you participate in this life-changing course.

During PT you will learn:

  • Powerful tools to dramatically change the way you look at yourself and what kind of behavior you will accept from others 
  • How to identify the boundaries that were blinded by your ADHD, and successfully use them as a powerful tool to dramatically improve your quality of life 
  • How the needs of acceptance, acknowledgment, understanding and respect are huge gaps in your life and how you can fulfill these needs so your true self can emerge 
  • How to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs like the speed trap, performance paradigm and the one- size fits- all mentality which are all illusions that prevented you from embracing your unique strengths 
  • How the chaos, your ADHD created, can be converted into a clear purpose for you to pursue 
  • How your confusion and overwhelm when performing challenging tasks can be transformed into a new discovery of your hidden strengths aligned with your heartfelt values.

PT will literally transform you from an anxious, overwhelmed human always feeling like you have to prove your worth, to becoming a confident human being, with integrity, who knows what they need to become their true, authentic self.

Personal Transformation (Module 100) is our other foundational course and is also the second prerequisite course for the ADD Coach Training Programs. It must be taken after the Simply ADHD course (M-99)

Required Prep Work (M-200)

Module: 200

Intro to LEAP & QUESTVERSATION Model Recordings

This required prep work consists of recordings designed to introduce you to two Basic ADDCA coaching models, LEAP & QUESTVERSATION©. These models are introduced in the Basic Course, so listening to these recordings is essential before beginning the Advanced Course.

The LEAP model serves as a foundation for your coaching; informing and guiding you and the client through the different stages of their own development. You will learn the stages of LEAP (Launching, Exploration, Action and Passion) and how to recognize which stage your client may be working in and empowering them to utilize their new awareness as a platform to support their positive growth.

The ADDCA QUESTVERSATION© model recordings will introduce you to the concept of an ADHD coaching Conversational model and how it supports the ICF core coaching competencies.

The recordings will also introduce you to the five steps of the QUESTVERSATION© model and discuss why we offer this model in coaching

• Receiving • Witnessing • Filtering • Activating • Reinventing

Questioning is a foundational skill. The skill of Questioning is also taught in a separate module of the Advanced course. It is integrated into your learning/practice of the QUESTVERSATION© model and the coaching process it supports.

Receiving the Client (Advanced M-201)

Module: 201

This module is designed to introduce you to the QUESTVERSATION© skill of Receiving. This is the first and foundational skill you'll use as a coach, and it is an essential element for powerfully impactful coaching.

First, we'll explore what it means to powerfully receive a client. That includes what we do to be fully present with our clients. You'll learn how we receive, the levels of listening, other ways we receive besides listening, and what we listen for first. Then we'll study the key things a coach is always listening for and what we can do to fully receive each of these things. Finally, we'll review what you can do to improve the coaching environment for greater receiving. We'll explore how to remain in not knowing as the coaching relationship matures, and we'll discuss the use of silence and trusting our intuition to improve our receiving.

Witnessing (Advanced M-202)

Module: 202

This module is designed to introduce you to the QUESTVERSATION© step of Witnessing, where we will further our understanding of being an Observer for our clients.

First, we'll explore what it means to powerfully witness a client, and we'll identify the four elements we observe and witness. You'll next learn what it is that we witness and be introduced to Barriers to Attention and the C Model of Choices. Eleven witnessing skills will be introduced and demonstrated, and you'll be practicing each skill. Then we'll study how to know when and what to witness and how to deliver a difficult message. Finally, we'll explore how to help our clients learn to witness themselves.

Questioning (Advanced M-203)

Module: 203

This module is designed to introduce you to the essential coaching skill of questioning that is used throughout the QUESTVERSATION© process. First, we'll explore what it means to powerfully question. That includes how questioning fits into the core competencies and supports the ADDCA Foundational Principles.

You'll learn the elements of a powerful question and review a list of questions. Then we'll study eight questioning models and apply them in case study scenarios. Finally, we'll explore how to use questions powerfully, apply them to ADDCA models, and learn how to use questions to quantify a client's goal.

Filtering Thoughts and Beliefs (Advanced M-204)

Module: 204

This module is designed to introduce you to the skill of filtering clients’ thoughts and beliefs and provide you with some models and tools to effectively filter. First, we’ll discuss what it means to filter and the related ICF core competencies when we filter.

You’ll learn the Machine, Mind, and Mission model as well as gain a working understanding about beliefs and emotions. We’ll also review general and ADDCA models that will assist you in filtering client beliefs. Finally, we’ll review the impact of filtering on your coaching and your client’s growth. We’ll conclude the module with case study practice.

Activating a Plan (Advanced M-205)

Module: 205

This module is designed to introduce you to the skill of activating your clients’ plans and provide you with some models and tools to effectively get clients into action and keep them in action. First, we’ll discuss what it means to activate and the related ICF core competencies.

You’ll learn about goal setting, as well as identify tools for assisting clients to follow through on their dreams and plans. We’ll also study ADDCA models that will assist you in getting clients into steady, forwarding action. We’ll also explore activating as a step in the QUESTVERSATION© process. Finally, we’ll review the impact of activating and your client’s growth. We’ll conclude the module with case study practice.

Reinventing a Successful Picture (Advanced M-206)

Module: 206

This module is designed to introduce you to the skill of reinventing a successful picture with your clients, and this module provides you with some models and tools to effectively help your clients see themselves in new, powerful ways and keep taking actions that support their powerful new self image.

First, we’ll discuss what it means to reinvent and the related ICF core competencies. You’ll learn about visualizing, as well as contextualizing to assist clients in continuing toward their dreams and goals. We’ll also study ADDCA models and others that support a client’s reinventing her successful picture. Then we’ll explore reinventing as a step in the QUESTVERSATION© process. We’ll study each step with special attention on the final step of practicing gratitude. Finally, we’ll review how to conclude the reinventing step of the QUESTVERSATION©, how to conclude a coaching session powerfully, and what’s involved in ending a coaching partnership. We’ll use case study practice throughout.

Coaching Skills Practicum (Advanced M-207)

Module: 207

Coaching Skills Practicum (CSP) teleclasses provide you opportunities to practice your skills and receive oral and written feedback from credentialed, experienced teleclass leaders. You will also learn as you listen to your classmates' coaching and feedback, noting the steps of the conversation, practicing the ICF and PAAC coaching competencies, and listening/working from an ADHD lens.

Students must attend* 10 sessions and coach 4 times throughout the Advanced training modules. A PCC or MCC instructor will provide verbal and written feedback. Coaching Skills Practicum teleclasses take place on the opposite days of your General teleclasses but generally at the same time of day.

*Coaching Skills Practicum teleclasses also take place on the telephone bridge lines so you can participate from the comfort of your home or office.