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Life Coaches Adding ADHD Certification

  • Are you a life coach who is struggling with a small client base?
  • Have you been frustrated because you have clients who have ADHD, but you don’t know enough about ADHD to really help them manage it and empower them move forward in important areas of their lives?
  • Do you need specialized skills to coach a specific niche so your coaching practice and your marketing efforts stand out from other life coaching practices?

Getting certified as an ADHD coach is the answer that can substantially change the future of your practice.

How different would your coaching practice be if you could:

  • Open up your client base to a population that is significantly under-served and desperately in need your help?
  • Identify your clients who are undiagnosed, or uneducated about how their ADHD impacts them?
  • Educate your ADHD clients about the unique challenges and struggles that come with ADHD, so they can successfully manage those challenges to live better, happier and more gratifying lives?

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As a life coach, you already know two things:

  • You need to effectively market to a specific niche to expand your client base and grow your practice
  • You want to have the specialized skills to be able to support and empower every person who comes to you for your coaching services

Adding ADHD certification to your coaching practice can help you with the growth of your practice and provide you with outstanding, specialized coaching skills which will make you and your practice stand out form the clutter of other life coaching practices.

More than 85% of the people who have ADHD don’t know it. They don’t understand what has been getting in their way and causing them to struggle with challenges that are invisible to them. They just know that they’re failing and they don't know what to do about it.

As a well-trained, certified ADHD coach, you will be able to help them in so many ways.

Adding ADHD certification will allow you to:

  • Expand your client base and income potential to give you a greater chance for success
  • Give you the tools and specialized skills to help this under-served population who desperately needs your help
  • Identify and educate your clients who are struggling because of their lack of understanding and their undiagnosed ADHD
  • Show your ADHD clients how the invisible challenges of their ADHD show up in their lives so they can finally identify why they are struggling, and learn how to successfully manage the barriers preventing their progress
  • Give your ADHD clients the tools and strategies to help them understand their unique ADHD brain wiring and manage it more effectively, so they can finally live the life they desire

You can help all of these people improve the quality of their lives and finally experience the success, fulfillment and joy they deserve when you are trained with the highest standards of ADHD coach training and become certified at the ADD Coach Academy.

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David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC, and Founder and President of ADDCA, recently conducted a teleclass to provide an introduction to the program. Register now to listen to this free introductory teleclass.

If you are already a Life Coach, you have probably noticed that there are some clients who need more help that you can give them. That's frustrating because the reason you became a life coach was to help people.

When you register for the Get Better Educated recording, you will learn:

  • Why ADHD is such a challenge for people who have it, and how you can teach them to identify the challenges getting in the way of their own success and manage them more effectively 
  • What makes ADDCA different, and why our coaches are more successful with their ADHD clients than any other ADHD coaching program in the world
  • Why our philosophy is based on identifying the strengths of the client to help them create more consistent progress in their life, and why the ADDCA coaching approach works so well for people with ADHD
  • An introduction to several specific strategies for managing ADHD that can be used to empower your clients so they can strive for, and reach, the better life they crave
  • Customized and proprietary ADHD coaching models supported by validated scientific research, which quickly and effectively educates your clients to understand their own ADHD for the first time in their lives

Adding ADHD certification to your Life Coaching practice can have a profoundly positive impact on your coaching practice. You can expand your client base while empowering countless numbers of individuals with ADHD who need your expertise to move forward in their lives.

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David Giwerc

The founder and President of ADDCA, David Giwerc, was diagnosed with ADHD in 1994. He learned to overcome his personal ADHD challenges by becoming better educated about his own ADHD and created models, tools and strategies that empowered him to create the life he truly deserved.

After almost twenty years of working with countless numbers of clients with ADHD and training the top ADHD coaches around the globe, he has witnessed the power of ADDCA's accredited coach training programs to positively transform the lives of individuals and loved ones who support people who live with ADHD.

David is also a Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC) with PAAC and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with ICF.

ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)

The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) is proud to be the global leader in ADHD Coach Training and Education and has the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC), the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching professions.

Any organization can teach you a little about ADHD. They can also teach you a little about coaching people with ADHD. However, only ADDCA can provide you with the top quality, comprehensive, and complete ADHD coaching education that will  give you the skills, knowledge and experience to change the lives of people who are struggling with ADHD.

We are internationally renowned, accredited educators and trainers who consistently graduate the best ADHD coaches around the world.

Listen to our free introductory teleclass Get Better Educated to learn how and why the ADD Coach Academy is the best and most logical choice for you to expand your Life Coaching practice and become an ADHD certified coach.

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