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ADHD in Teenagers and College Students – It Doesn’t Have to Be Such a Struggle

Are you a college student or teenager with ADHD who feels like you’re:

  • Stuck in place and have no chance of reaching your goals because you can’t focus?
  • Falling behind because you can’t seem to learn as quickly or easily as your classmates?
  • Feeling lost and discouraged because you just don’t see how anything can change?
  • Sure that you’re “stupid”, broken, or lack the kind of talent your classmates have because they can succeed, but you just continue to fail?
  • Frustrated because it’s so difficult to connect with others and make/ keep friends?

ADHD can be a struggle for anyone who has it. But ADHD in teenagers and college students is especially difficult because this is the time in your life when you need to focus on studying and learning to connect with other people. These can both be much more difficult for teens and college students with ADHD.

It doesn’t have to be such a struggle when you get educated and finally realize that having ADHD does NOT mean you are somehow broken. It just means you have a different brain wiring that you need to more fully understand.

Whether you need to become better educated about ADHD in teenagers, in college students, or in anyone else who is struggling with the invisible challenges of ADHD, the first step is to listen to our free teleclass: Become Better Educated About ADHD and ADHD Coaching.

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If you’re looking for ways to more effectively manage ADHD in teenagers or ADHD in college students, the answer is to improve your education.

Whether you are a college student or teenager, or you are looking for information for your son or daughter so they can become better educated about the invisible challenges of their ADHD, a well designed education, in language you can understand and share, is the key to future success.

You or your teenager, young adult or child can break through their struggles with ADHD and live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life if you just become better educated about your ADHD. 

Your life can change by:

  • Learning about the invisible challenges of ADHD and how to successfully manage them
  • Understanding how those challenges show up in your life each and every day so you can get them out of your way and begin to experience progress
  • Learning how to consistently and effectively mange those challenges

Getting Educated About ADHD in Teenagers and College Students

Getting better educated about ADHD in teenagers and college students can help you:

  • Recognize that what you’re going through is real, and that it’s possible to learn to manage your ADHD to feel better about yourself and create more success in your life
  • Learn the language, words and scientific proof behind ADHD that will help you explain it to your friends and family to help them accept, and appreciate your challenges
  • Understand that you do have unique capacities and character strengths that have gone unrecognized and underutilized, and learn to use those strengths more frequently
  • Take advantage of your unique brain wiring to help you create positive momentum in your daily life
  • Become empowered and more self-aware so you can recognize the situations where your ADHD becomes more of a challenge, so you can more effectively manage the challenge before it holds you back

If you’re looking for information on ADHD in teenagers and college students, listening to the recording of the Get Better Educated teleclass is the first step toward changing your future.

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If you are an ADHD college student, teenager, or if you are supporting one of these types of students, becoming better educated about ADHD is the key to a better quality of life.

Our courses have changed the lives of countless number of people just like you, who were struggling. They learned to identify and manage the invisible challenges of ADHD. They now have advanced degrees, fulfilling and successful careers, and great relationships with their friends and family.

If you are a teenager or college student, you can have that too, if you make the decision to become better educated about ADHD.

The first step is to register for our free introductory teleclass where you will learn:

  • Why the key to a much higher quality of life is in educating yourself about your ADHD
  • An introductory look at some successful tools and strategies we teach that can be used every day in your own life to better manage the ADHD challenges faced every day by teens and college students
  • Why ADDCA's philosophy and educational programs are so successful in helping people from all walks of life create more success and experience a higher level of fulfillment in their lives

The recording is from David Giwerc, the Founder and President of ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy, who was diagnosed with ADHD in 1994.

ADHD in teenagers and college students can be better managed through creative, effective education in language that everyone can understand. This education about your ADHD will empower you with the tools and knowledge to create the life you are dreaming of, but never gave yourself permission to pursue.

If you’re looking for information on ADHD in teenagers and college students, the free introductory teleclass is the first step toward changing your future.

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