ADHD Coaching: Transforming Lives e-book

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This e-book will introduce you to a few of the important concepts that explain why and how ADHD coaches can transform the lives of their clients. 

  • We will start with an article that introduces you to ADHD coaching and talks about why it is such an exciting, fulfilling profession.
  • Then we will move to several articles that discuss some of the ideas that are crucial for ADHD coaches to understand. This includes learning about ADHD brain wiring, and why a focus on character strengths and learning to pause are so critical to your success, and the success of your future clients. We’ll also talk about the importance of processing styles.
  • Next, we will also talk about a few key components which make the ADD Coach Academy stand out from any other option on the market - proprietary coaching models, ADHD coaching research, and accreditation/certification.
  • We close with the importance of accreditation. If you are considering a new career as an ADHD coach, you must understand the importance of credentialing and accreditation. This is how you can tell the credible, quality coaches and coach training programs, from those that have subpar training that doesn’t meet the rigorous standards set by the professional governing bodies.