ADHD Coach Training Testimonials

I highly recommend the ADD Coach Academy to anyone whose passion is to learn how to most effectively be a personal coach. No matter how you plan to specialize with coaching, ADDCA gives you what you need to know to begin your career.

- Terry M. Dickson MD, ACG
The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan

 ..resulting in a positive impact for not only the students with ADHD, but, for other students with learning challenges. I highly recommend educators, colleges and universities take advantage of the many opportunities available through the ADD Coach Academy and David Giwerc in an effort to better meet the needs of college students with ADHD. 

- Eileen Henry, Ed. D. 
Executive Director Center for Advancement of Learning 
Muskingum University New Concord, OH USA

Whether working with students, young adults or adults, this class will bring greater insight into the powerful impact coaching can provide. I look forward to helping others uncover their gifts and talents and become more aware of the strengths they have to offer.

- Sharon Bruner MS
Fishers, IN

ADDCA's training really opened my eyes to see how inadequately the therapeutic world was prepared to work with those of us diagnosed with ADHD. Thanks to the ADD Coach Academy I have been able to finally “live up to my full potential” and utilize the strengths and talents that were locked inside for so many years.

- Mike Anderson, LCSW, ACG, CPVA, CPBA

As a person who does NOT have a diagnosis of ADHD it is instructive listening and interacting with people who do. Its to important for a coaching professional to understand the clientele they are working with.

- Ira Dressner, LCSW-R, Ph.D.
New York, NY


ADDCA not only made it a pleasure to learn, but gave me information I have never come across, like ADHD Strengths! Who Knew?  It was a wonderful learning experience and it gave me the confidence to continue on the road to becoming an ADHD Coach!

- Joanne McNeil
Howard Beach,New York

...his success as an ADHD coach and founder of Attention Talk Radio. Listen how despite his dyslexia, he found and embraced his unique strengths.

Linda Walker, is a successful ADHD Coach, author and founder of ADHD Heroes a non-profit effort  to provide hope, inspiration and motivation to other ADHDers and their families.

I'm sad that it is over, but I'm thankful to belong to such an amazing community! I send all of you a sincere and loving THANK YOU!!  You have helped so many people, and I'm so blessed that I am one of them.

- Kris Moauro
Ontario, Canada

The training was of course excellent, but the community is beyond compare and has transformed my life incalculably. Thanks, ADDCA, for giving me my future.

~Colleen Rutledge
Ontario, Canada

I believe that there is no other training out in the market that can surpass my expectations and I was convinced about it since, the first time that I spoke on the phone with the President of the Academy, David Giwerc. It has been a true honor for me to become part of the ADDCA family and I hope to continue manifesting and transmitting all of the marvelous tools that I have learned aside from the impressive amount of information that I was taught in order to be better qualified to work with my clients

~Anette B..

The teachers are on fire - full of spunk and perspective. The ADDCA experience is a rhapsody of learning and heart, a beautiful blending of the challenges we face and the fortitude we can discover. Together with our teachers and classmates, we draw from our roots - from soil richer than we knew - and flourish skywards towards possibilities we had not previously seen.

~Juliet Aucreman
San Clemente, CA

It was evident to us that ADDCA’s training and resources were high caliber and innovative. The interactive nature of the program and support from staff have helped us integrate this knowledge and these coaching skills in a timely and concrete manner. Our coaches have been empowered to work with the whole person and the impact can be found in our qualitative outcomes.

Both students with ADHD and without can benefit. Again, the focus is on the all aspects of human development. In working with the whole person your coaches will learn to address the foundational needs of students and help them motivate to reaching higher order needs and goals. Moreover, they understand the nature of working with higher education and have also been invaluable in navigating organizational culture and behavior.

For most of my life, I knew I had a gift with people. I am that person that people pour their troubles out to, even after only knowing me for a few hours. What I didn't know was that I could use this talent as a business, and until I went to ADDCA I didn't give it the value it deserves.

After taking the Simply Introductory course I had a new understanding of ADHD and how it affected my son and myself. I debated if I should continue on to Basic. I understood ADHD but wasn’t sure I would be able to use this knowledge as a business. I made the leap to invest in myself and move forward, and I’m glad I did.

The Basic courses starting teaching me how to help others use their strengths to succeed with ADHD. I learned that I don’t need to know the answers for each person I work with, because they can find those answers on their own if presented with powerful questions. I learned that if I come from a place of love, support, and wonder, I can offer a client a place to take chances and grow. The challenging part of the sessions was actually USING my new skills. Working in module 102 with Jay and actually practicing these skills was uncomfortable at first, but with the support of our group it became more natural. Taking a group mentoring class was a huge help and by the time I had my practicums I felt ready to show my stuff.

So after completing Basic 102 I felt like I had the background knowledge, and the coaching skills, but what I didn’t know was how to turn those two things into a business. THAT is where module 103 came in! After learning how to move forward with a business, and with the support of my instructor and my team, I got out there and began working with clients. I started marketing myself and talking about my career with enthusiasm and confidence. I left 103 with the tools I needed to start my business and that is what I’ve done. The whole Basic experience was tied together with that last course.

The practicums and insights given by the leader were also essential to me as they allowed to perfect my skills and find my own style! I am beyond satisfied!

ADHD Education Testimonials

I can now speak from personal experience, on how I overcame those negative patterns. You can’t truly teach it, if you don’t experience it. This class did just that, I learned and applied the tools I was taught to my own life, and now I’m more self aware of the things that were getting in my way of being my best self. Now I get to pass that knowledge along!  It feels good.

The Simply ADHD course is a great introduction into the world of ADD and a remarkable journey of self discovery. I enjoyed learning, sharing and collaborating with others whilst in a comfortable classroom environment.

- M.E.

 I am very excited to start the Coach Training

- Mary E. Smith
Highland Village, TX 

Taking the time to focus on my purpose has helped me to discover that I am passionate about helping others.  I can now envision myself as an intuitive coach who can inspire the world one person at a time.

- Kristin Kelly
Louisville, KY

The in-depth knowledge I received led me to get myself diagnosed, and put me on the path to understanding myself better, The course has opened my eyes to the positive attributes of ADHD and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on the next course. Barbara was a fantastic teacher - always enthusiastic, always positive and always appreciative of our comments. 

-Sarah Doll-Steinberg
United Kingdom

The perspectives presented here has been eye opening and will prove invaluable moving forward.

~ Jackie Basham

. I am mindful of what I am experiencing, my emotions are far more regulated and I am generally able to pause before I quickly react to a negative situation. My house is a more peaceful place to live!

~ Sarah Doll-Steinberg
United Kingdom

No matter what I felt I knew about ADHD--I realized I knew very little. I was so impressed with the style of teaching, how not one word was wasted and how the trainers cut a path through a very dense forest for me. What a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking for ADHD education or coach training.

~Kate Ahearn

 I have no doubt in my mind that this new venture will help me grow professionally as well as personally,considering that I possses ADHD, too!

~Annette Behar
Puerto Rico

The leader, Barbara Luther, was warm, open, inclusive, and brimming with pertinent facts, insights, and recommendations for outside reading. The students freely shared their thoughts, experiences, leads for additional readings, and goodwill. I am grateful I had the opportunity to join in.

~Juliet Aucreman
San Clemente, CA

Applying what I learnt in Simply ADHD has made a huge difference to my life and how I perceive and interact with people with ADHD. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand and have a deep appreciation for ADHD.

~Michelle Longhurst

I now have a better understanding of the way my brain processes information. I am glad I had the chance to take the course with both wonderful leaders ( Barbara and Michele).They have so much knowledge and information. I highly recommend the personal transformation program of the ADHD Coach Certification.

~Viola Wiley 
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I found it extremely helpful having two leaders in 'PT' (Personal Transformation) with such different teaching and coaching styles in every class. It reinforced that you can get great outcomes for your clients by being you, and embracing the coaching principles as your own person. Two different perspectives was also invaluable. Thank you Barbara and Jeff.

~'PT' Student

Simply ADHD was such an eye opener for me. I wanted to know why my ADHD medication was helping me and more about ADHD. I felt supported while I learned about myself and was so impressed with the entire staff at ADDCA. I called and talked to three different people before I decided to register and then they walked me through registration and what to expect three different occasions because I needed it multiple times! You guys are so great!

Thanks for the amazing collection of Neuroscience Articles and websites showing scholarly research with up to date pertinent information about the unique ADHD mind wiring and strategies that support success while living with ADHD. I learned something in each class and loved the discussions! My biggest takeaway is the value of Self Compassion. I am excited about the next course.

The Simply ADHD course far exceeded all my expectations.

Our instructor was very engaging and so passionate about the topics she taught us. She kept a perfect balance during class - going though the course material, sharing anecdotes, asking questions as well as answering any questions that we had.

I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in such a short space of time, and that is due to the instructor having a genuine passion about teaching others about ADHD, as well as the course material, which is comprehensive, informative and based on facts, not fiction. 

Unforgettable experience, which with the help of our skilled and highly empathic teachers, made me want to go into coaching even more. Thank you!

The instructor, Barbara Luther was extremely knowledgeable as she guided us through the course. I feel prepared and ready for the next course!

I have only met one of my classmates in person, but I have met 14 professional friends for a life time. A totally outstanding experience. Great Job ADDCA Staff

This course was excellent. I learned so much about ADD. The material is outstanding and the facilitators are extraordinarily personable and knowledgeable. I now understand my husband and his ADD at a level I didn't before. I have much more compassion and I am more equipped as a coach with this knowledge. I look forward to completing the whole curriculum. 

It hasn't been easy but I have loved being able to dig deep and uncover the stories beneath the symptoms that have been holding me back. I look forward to continuing on to basic coaching and becoming a coach.

The experience was so fulfilling and motivating. The group members shared great stories from the exercises and taught me so much. Through these exercises, I learned a ton about myself and so many things that I can carry into my coaching. 

Our leader not only entertained us and brought so much levity and humor to the class, he also taught the information is such a remarkably relatable way.

Professional ADHD Coach Training Program Testimonials

I want to thank you again for your generosity in sharing your deep understanding and intuitive knowledge of how to empower people with AD/HD. This course has been so much more than what I was looking for and I have grown so much as a coach, educator and person.

- J.Garvett
Mercer Island, Wisconsin

Hearing David Giwerc in '07 started the journey for me, and life has not been the same. Though I've sung opera for years, I do believe that I found my "true voice" through ADDCA. You have been a great blessing in my life!

- C.G.

I joined the Professional Advanced program for more in-depth study of how to coach my clients to great success. I got what I joined for and much more! Thank you to all of you involved in ADDCA for bringing us this enriching program.

- Chana Klein, MA, PCC, CEEMP,  PACG

There were many AH-HA's for me throughout the course as both a person who has ADHD (diagnosed in my mid 50's) and as a coach. Thank you again.

- Allan Weiser

Family Program Testimonials

We delved deeply into executive functions, processing styles, emotional regulation and what part the social piece plays in kids with ADHD. The combination of Caroline's education and practical skills, along with David's experience and wisdom provided an idyllic learning atmosphere. How lucky we all were!!!

-Mindy Schwartz, Newton PA

I sincerely know and believe that what I offer my clients is valuable and that confidence has definitely translated into MANY more clients, and enjoyment for myself, and my clients.

-Patty Blinderman, Raleigh, NC

I do not know how any of us were trying to coach families before our ADDCA training, since the impacts of ADHD on the child and family are so profound.

-Deanna Hyslop, New York, NY

I recently had an 11 year old girl tell me that I helped her learn how to make friends. That was me using "Social Spy" & "Reading the Room"; and many of the other tools I was given from this class.

Now when I start with those coaching questions, I feel prepared to offer up some activities that make working on each struggle manageable and fun. When it comes to working with ADHD kids, we need to listen to them to see where we can start. We need to help them organize their own goals, and then we need to have the tools to help them move forward.

After taking this class I have those tools and I feel excited and confident about my future as a coach. I'm so glad I invested in myself because this class has helped me become the coach I want to be.

-Cary Colleran, Parker, CO

I particularly enjoyed how thorough it was and how it covered all aspects of ADHD.  It is so complete and rich with tools I can use with families.  The cases were real and allowed me to get precious hints on how to handle some difficult cases.  

-Ghada Yared

Beirut, Lebanon

Not only did I learn a tremendous amount that helped in coaching my clients, but I met a group of incredibly empathetic and talented coaches and worked with some exceptional trainers!