Simply ADHD Course

(099) Prerequisite I 

This foundational course, Simply ADHD, will provide you with proven tools and models that powerfully explain ADHD and executive function in everyday language.

It will also help you identify how and where ADHD can impact daily living while improving your ability to manage it more effectively for an enhanced quality of life.

We explore the aspects of ADHD from a challenge as well as a strength context, look at environments for success, and offer some of the related neuroscience and concepts that apply to each ADHD trait.

We also provide proven tools, proprietary models, and strategies that powerfully support those impacted by ADHD to allow them to minimize and/or manage it so they can live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

Simply put - other courses will give you a few tips about managing ADHD, we will change your life.

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Personal Transformation “PT” Course

Personal Transformation (M-100) is our other foundational course and is also the second prerequisite course for the Basic and Advanced ADD Coach Training Programs. It must be taken after the Simply ADHD course (M-99)

(100) "PT" Prerequisite II

During the Personal Transformation course, you will engage in a transformational process to discover and explore new realms of your being that will positively change the way you look at yourself and others.

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