How Does Simply ADHD Compare to Other Courses?

Topics Covered Simply ADHD Other Programs
The challenges of ADHD
Tips for managing ADHD
Learn to identify and integrate into your life:
The lesser known challenges of ADHD
Current and ongoing ADHD research
Environments that foster ADHD success
Strategies, tools, and powerful proprietary models to use
Importance of neuroplasticity for behavior change
How and where ADHD impacts your life and your family
Benefits of a strength-based approach
Research to support strength-based focus
Introduced to the importance of:
Processing styles for improved focus and comprehension
VIA character strengths to activate positive emotions & sustain focus
Executive functioning (in everyday language)
Learning Environment includes:
Passionate classmates from around the world
Safe, trusting environment where you can express your true self
Engaged, experiential teleclasses which improve learning
Training from an ICF and PAAC certified instructor
Extensive resource lists for continued growth
Personal stories to eliminate any self-judgments
Become part of an ADHD-appreciative community (ADDCA family)
= Included in the course | = Not included in the course

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Other programs give you a few tips on how to manage ADHD.  Simply ADHD will change your life.