The ADDCA telecass format is easy to fit into everyday life. I so enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. I found a nice balance between listening and learning and engaging group participation. Excellent.

Patrice L

First, I would recommend ADDCA to anyone who is interested in working with ADHD. It was such a wonderful, enlightening experience. The flexibility of the teleclasses makes it easy to call in from anywhere. Also, the staff are really helpful and supportive. Bonus- it's amazing how many friendships you develop along the way. I still keep in contact with my classmates. (On a side note, it's interesting how many relationships I've built with people who were never part of my learning partner group.  I wouldn't have expected that)

Ally M

I looked forward to the teleconference courses each week! I was inspired by the personal stories shared by so many across the world. The mentors are genuine and make you feel safe to share your feelings, as they do! I was always so upbeat and enriched after each call. Truly life changing in many ways as I learned so much more about ADHD around the world and about myself.

Judy M

The teleconference courses are great if you want a feel for what it is like to do tele-coaching. The courses become a great opportunity to understand, appreciate, and learn to feel virtually-- to truly be in the moment with the facilitator/instructor on the other line.

Molly T

The telephone classes are a great way to get a variety of points of view on all issues. Sometimes there is magic that happens in these classes and great answers or processes are discovered by the students (and sometimes even the instructors).

Douglas P

Lots of stuff that's "tele'-based falls somewhere short of expectations or needs. NOT so with ADDCA. Partly because of the quality of the material taught, partly the professionalism of the instructors, but more than anything, I think, it's because of the heart that's put into it by ADDCA's trainers (and David himself)...and just as importantly, the resulting heart that's reflected back from the students themselves in response to this amazing school. It's why there is an ADDCA Family everywhere you go.

Alan B

Teleclasses with ADDCA are life changing!

The teleclass format is easy and convenient. I could participate anywhere and anytime. Being able to go back and listen again is great to pick up things you need to revisit. Participating in ADDCA teleclasses are something you don't want to miss in your lifetime! It is unexplainable what I have learned about ADHD and myself. All the instructors bring the valuable gift of themselves to the classes. They are caring, positive with all, enlightening, and real people with real lives. They have walked through the valleys and climbed the mountains in order to reach the success and wisdom they share. I've made connections for a lifetime with teachers and fellow students. I am forever grateful for the passion that ADDCA has ignited in me! They are the real deal in every way. Trust, participate, and love the journey!

Lynn S

This is the perfect format for ADDers. We have a scheduled time and we get to interact with others. If you can't make the time, you can listen to the class later. So it is a win-win-win!

Jill K

Going through the Simply class would be valuable to anyone with ADHD regardless of wanting to be a coach.

David B

The class leaders are highly skilled in making everyone feel a part of the teleclass, even though we're spread round the world and only connected by audio. The Learning Partner groups help us to get to know each other personally and swapping partners means we get to know pretty much everybody. Also, as it's just audio, you don't need to put on your glad rags or clean the room behind you....

Gillian H

I was hesitant to try the teleclasses as I am not an auditory learne. When I signed up for Simply ADHD , it was not just to learn more about ADHD but also try teleclass learning. Needless to say, I loved it.  I actually find webinars with video to be too distracting for me. Because it is a new way to learn, I think trying it is the way to go.

Dana M

Students will find a team of highly qualified teachers, a program designed to work well with the ADHD brain and outstanding value. The learning experience will have tremendous impact in various aspects of their life. I got all that and so much more, even if I wasn't sure how it would go with the auditory part of the course as I am a the visual type. Learning with ADDCA will be ONE decision students will always cherish ! I sure do !

Zarina B

I think prospective students should bring all their skepticism to the teleclasses. I am sure their doubts will disappear once they will experience out how ADDCA works. Coach Training over the phone is effective and valuable.

David B

Helping them to understand they will be the recipient of unconditional positive regard if they become a student; even as they learn to deal with clients with that same unconditional positive regard. That may be obvious; but for me, that is a really, really big deal. That quality is so rare in most societies that, for many clients, their coach is the only person on earth they have such a relationship with.

David C

...Since coaching is typically through the phone, the telelcass format provides insight into how that will be for them.

Carolyn D

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