Why Is The Virtual Learning Experience at the ADD Coach Academy So Powerful?

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Since its inception, the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) has embraced both distance e-Learning and adult learning principles in our ADHD coach training and educational courses. 

Our program is specifically designed to leverage the advantages of voice-to-voice training, traditional classroom structure, and interactive, flexible, creative online learning. 

It’s designed to engage and activate the unique brain wiring of all of our coaching students.

While traditional classrooms attempt to provide a multi-sensory learning opportunity, virtual learning supports developing the skills that are essential to coaching mastery – creating safe spaces, active listening, engaged presence, sustained focus, and encouraging a learner/growth perspective of exploration and discovery. 

Because there are no facial expressions, body language, or gestures to read, virtual learning heightens our coaching competencies as we learn to attune to what is said and not said. We learn to expand our listening and radar of senses by visualizing spoken, creative metaphors, or feeling pictures that are verbally painted. We also hear the change in tone, pitch, and emotional energy of the human voice. We become aware of even the most subtle communication cues, such as a dry cough, a nervous laugh, a sad or loving word, or an unusual pause. We believe it is more difficult to achieve this level of listening skill in a physical environment due to endless distractions and pre-conceived visual perspectives. Our soul-to-soul style of mindful learning encourages trust and intimacy, strong focus, compassion, curiosity, and meaningful collaboration and sharing. 

We understand that some learners coming to ADDCA for training may have had prior learning experiences that were not conducive to developing a positive self-image required for greater confidence and motivation. We know those with ADHD:

  • Are usually eager to learn but may not know their learning style(s) 
  • May come to training feeling anxious and/or scared 
  • Often believe they must learn/do everything perfectly 
  • May struggle with using technology 
  • Have found traditional classroom learning does not suit them, and instead creates more anxiety and exacerbates their ADHD challenges 
  • May not be avid readers, but are passionate about learning about their own ADHD 
  • Often get easily overwhelmed and hesitate to ask for help 
  • Can be afraid of being judged if they ask questions 
  • Think they need to already know and demonstrate mastery 
  • Want to “know it all” immediately and can be impatient.

We strategically take all these important elements into account in the design and delivery of our virtual training. 

We recognize that online learning platforms and methods are expanding rapidly, and some of those tools will be things we incorporate into future ADDCA training. 

But our many successful years as the global pioneer of ADHD virtual training leads us to demand the same benefits and opportunities from new learning platforms and methods we implement. 

Come join us and find out why the ADD Coach Academy is the leading accredited ADHD Coaching training program in the world.

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