ADHD Signs & Symptoms

ADHD Education

We know education is the first essential step in the process of learning how to manage the individual challenges of ADHD. ADD coaching builds hope by educating clients about their own ADHD.

Almost all individuals with ADHD come to a coaching session needing to learn more about their own ADHD as well as get a clear understanding of ADHD in general. This is a direct result of the misinformation disseminated by the media and the lack of well trained clinicians and health care professionals who have the knowledge and ability to clearly explain what ADHD is and how in manifests in its different forms.

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Senate Resolution Declares September 7th AD/HD Awareness Day

Announcements | David Giwerc | Miscellaneous

Did you know that September 7th, 2004 was officially designated as "National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day"?

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