Michele Toner, PCAC, PCC, ACCG, PhD

PCAC (Professional Certified ADHD Coach) - PAAC certified
PCC (Professional Certified Coach) - ICF certified
ACCG (ADDCA Certified Coach Graduate)

Michele Toner, PhD, M.Ed, ACCG, PCC, PCAC coaches individuals with ADHD across Australia and around the world, either face-to-face, or via Skype. She was the first credentialed coach in Australia, and now works as a mentor with aspiring coaches in order to develop the industry "Down Under." CoachU gave Michele the coaching basics and she completed her advanced training with ADDCA. In addition, Michele has a PhD and a Master of Special Education in the area of ADHD.

Michele's Masters thesis, entitled “Adults with ADHD; Living in Chaos and Striving for Control”, explores the lives of adults with ADHD who were undiagnosed as children. Her PhD thesis investigated the experiences of university students diagnosed with ADHD, identifying strategies to help them with their studies and personal lives as they went through various “Stages of Developing Empowerment.” Both convinced her that coaching could be an important part of ADHD treatment.

Michele started supporting people with ADHD and their families in a part-time capacity in 1995. She was President of the Learning and Attentional Disorders Society (LADS), Australia’s leading support group for people with ADHD. Having witnessed numerous ADHD success stories unfold, she was inspired to start practicing as a fulltime ADHD coach in 2009. Michele is passionate about helping people of all ages with ADHD to achieve their goals, and to change their lives for the better. She advocates for people with ADHD in the workplace and in educational settings, and strives to educate others about ADHD. Sought after as a speaker at conferences and public functions, Michele invites professionals and members of the general public to learn more about ADHD, and to support those with the diagnosis.