Patty Blinderman, PCAC, ACCG, PCC

PCAC (Professional Certified ADHD Coach) - PAAC certified 
ACCG (ADDCA Certified Coach Graduate) 
PCC (Professional Certified Coach) - ICF certified 

Patty Blinderman, PCAC, ACCG, PCC, coaches individuals and families impacted by ADHD.  Patty is a certified graduate of the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), and in 2017 was among the first 16 coaches in the world to complete ADDCA’s inaugural course, Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families.

In addition to her coach training, Patty is a CHADD certified Parent-to-Parent teacher and a certified Seeing My Time instructor.  Patty graduated from Seton Hall University with a BS in Developmental Disorders and Elementary Education.  She is a former special education teacher, having worked with students in various special education settings in kindergarten through 8th grades.  Patty also volunteered as an IEP Partner with the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center for several years.  Currently Patty is serving on the board of the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches as their Volunteer Chair.

Patty is passionate about working with her clients to understand their unique brain wiring.  She believes that utilizing their strengths empowers them to break down barriers and achieve their goals. 

Patty lives with her husband and four children in Chicago, IL.  She is originally from NJ but lived in NC for over 20 years before moving to Chicago in 2018.  During her free time Patty loves playing board games with her family, relaxing with 2 of her 3 dogs (one is incontinent), reading, baking, doing puzzles and trying to knit something useful.