Roger DeWitt, MCAC, PCC, PACG

MCAC (Master Certified ADHD Coach) – PAAC certified
PCC (Professional Certified Coach) - ICF certified
PACG (ADDCA Professional Advanced Coach Graduate)

For more than nine years, Roger DeWitt, PCC, PACG, has been supporting business owners, creative professionals, and the "professionally creative," as well as mentoring other coaches to build extraordinary lives, careers, and small businesses.

As a trained ADHD coach, he specializes in helping his wonderful "creatives" to focus, follow through, and find peace and space in a fast paced world that is always grabbing for their attention. Clients find success and finally "live up to their potential," faster and more easily than they ever thought possible, and they have way more fun in the process than "a body ought to!"

Having grown up in one of the most competitive and emotionally grueling businesses -- the entertainment industry -- he brings 37 years worth of passionate experience and good 'ole fashioned "know how" in being able to "get your message out there" and provide amazing value while getting through it all emotionally "unscathed." Roger is passionate about cutting-edge technology and marketing tactics, and loves passing his knowledge on to his clients.


His first love, however, is the "life coaching" -- helping people to use the power of their brilliant mind and spirit to create and attract amazing lives. As a coach, he is spiritual, but tempers his spirituality with a healthy dose of practicality. He is creative, intuitive, and passionate about how the brain works, and how it forms the basis of our experience. Once we know how we think, we can then direct our mindset and create the results that we want. It is a BLAST! His style is fun and irreverent, but always kind and caring.

"Hop on board and we will have a blast -- and get stuff done, too!" - Roger DeWitt, PCC, PACG

Credentials: Senior Trainer for ADD Coach Academy Professional Certified Coach (ICF); Professional ADDCA Certified Grad; Certified Teleclass Trainer (Coachville); BA - Psychology (Loyola Marymount University); Certified Smart-Alec (According to his Mom)