2011 ADD Coach Academy Conference - Presentation Recordings Available

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This year’s ADD Coach Academy Conference was a life-changing experience, full of connection, creativity and camaraderie that brought together the Academy’s outstanding, international, ADHD coaching community. It was energizing for all who attended.

We were inspired with the benevolent, compassionate and purposeful presence of our ADDCA coaching community. It was an experience that we will carry with us in the days to come.

ADDCA’s vision continues to expand in significant ways; not only through live conferences but also via the important work you are all doing to empower your clients, every day.

For those of you who were unable to make it.. the conference presentation recordings are now available!

2011 ADDCA Conference Recordings -$39.95 - Buy here

David Giwerc, MCC: The Barriers to Personal Transformation: How to Access & Strengthen Your Authentic Self

Jerry Wistrom, PCC: The Spiritual Path of a Coach

Roger DeWitt, PCC: Connection: How to Powerfully Connect to an Audience of 1 or 1000

Barbara Luther, MCC: Success Strategies for Creative Inattentives

2011 ADDCA Conference Recordings -$39.95 - Buy here


We want every one of you to know how grateful we are that you chose ADDCA as your ADHD coach-training home.

Thank you to Jay Carter, ACG of Hyperfocused Coaching Systems, LLC who made these recordings possible.

We hope to see you at the 2012 Conference!