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ADHD Education

In my years coaching people with ADHD, I have created a number of learning models that make understanding complex concepts (such as brain wiring, the interest-attention connection and belief programs) much easier.

The models, developed, honed and exercised in years of practice, rely on mnemonic devices, alliteration, visual elements and metaphor to be both memorable and practical tools for you to put important concepts to work in your daily life. 

The last point is an especially important one: 

The models, explanations, research and other information contained in these pages are rooted in science but are designed for practical use in real life. When handling scientific information, I have tried to be as accurate as possible without losing you, the reader, the learner in a jumble of scientific jargon. In this book, and in our training program, after we describe a concept, there will often be a model that follows to enhance your understanding and practice of the concept discussed.

Understanding is the first step to creating a powerful new awareness that eventually can lead to positive change. 

My goal is for each person, those who have ADHD and those who are supporting someone with ADHD, to be empowered to quickly and easily identify the challenging situations that are barriers to your progress. 

I want to help make you aware of the kinds of tasks and situations in which your “brand” of ADHD manifests, so that you may explore different and more effective ways of managing the disorder as it applies to you or someone you know.

In pilot study research we conducted with 77 clients, all of whom were diagnosed and being treated for ADHD. Overwhelmingly, the feedback we received while conducting our sessions with these clients revealed how our simple, memorable, unique and proven models dramatically improved their understanding of their ADHD. 

The models also significantly boosted their ability to effectively manage their ADHD challenges, enhancing their self-esteem. The models provided them with reliable and valuable tools to quickly recognize where and how ADHD challenged their ability to move forward in important areas of their lives. In our research, we were also informed by our clients that their key support people — husband, wife, friend, sibling, etc. — acquired a new, positive and more accurate understanding of their ADHD, based on the learning gained by using the models. 

Everyone involved in using the models including entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, health care professionals, physicians, psychologists, therapists and key supporters all confirmed that these models supplied the necessary tools to dramatically improve their quality of life.

I sincerely hope that the models described in this book and in your coach training at the ADD Coach Academy serve you in similar ways, helping you to build a life of passion, purpose and possibility in all areas.


This article was updated and excerpted from Permission to Proceed: The Keys to Creating a Life of Passion, Purpose and Possibility for Adults with ADHD, by David Giwerc, Founder/President, ADD Coach Academy, ADDCA, Master Certified ADHD Coach