ADD Coach Academy Training Program Receives Coveted ICF Accreditation

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ALBANY, N.Y.— The ADD Coach Academy is pleased to announce that its training program has been awarded the Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) designation from the International Coach Federation.


With this coveted designation, the ADD Coach Academy becomes the first and only comprehensive ADHD coach training program to be fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF developed rigorous training and testing criteria to establish credibility and confidence in the consistent quality of its certified coaches.

“It was five years of demanding work that utilized all our resources and required a number of significant curriculum and administrative changes in order to demonstrate the ADD Coach Academy could satisfy ICF’s standards,” said ADD Coach Academy Founder and President David Giwerc.

About 4 percent of the world’s 6.5 billion people have ADHD. What’s more, research shows that 85 percent of people with ADHD are undiagnosed. People with ADHD face a range of debilitating symptoms including an inability to focus, chronic hyperactivity, forgetfulness and impulsiveness that can negatively affect life at home, at work and in the community. One of the goals of ADHD coaching is to empower individuals to manage the unique challenges of their ADHD and maximize their strengths.

Giwerc added: “Clients in search of a quality ADHD coach now have the assurance that a coach trained by the ADD Coach Academy is grounded in the competencies, ethics and standards of professional coaching as set forth by the International Coach Federation.”

Founded in 1998 by David Giwerc, Master Certified Coach, the ADD Coach Academy has trained hundreds of ADHD coaches from more than 15 countries and is considered the gold standard in ADHD coach training.

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