David Giwerc Received Prestigious Founder’s Award From ACO

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The 2016 Founder's Award for distinguished service to the professional ADHD community was awarded to David Giwerc by ACO, the ADHD Coaching Organization.

Giwerc, MCAC MCC Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy, received the award on Friday, April 29th at the 2016 ACO Conference in Reston, Virginia.

 The award, presented by Joyce Kubrick president of the ACO, is given to an individual who has made and is continuing to make a unique, impactful and selfless contribution to ADHD coaches, ADHD coaching and/or the ACO.

In presenting the award, to Mr. Giwerc, Joyce Kubik stated: "David is someone who has great compassion for the people he works with and the people you helps. He has a number of firsts in his career and has worked tirelessly to promote ADHD coaching and coaches. And he has persevered to raise the standards and integrity of all ADHD coaches."