ADHD: Defining Your Life by Your Choices

ADHD Education

If you define yourself by what you can’t do, what you can’t do grows.

If the majority of what you pay attention to is about: the challenges you face, your weaknesses and the things you can't do, then those negative thoughts will continue to show up as a major part of your life.

In every situation, and in every moment of our lives, we are given the divine right and choice to think whatever we want.

When given the choice to think about what we want more of in our lives, isn’t it better to think about what we CAN do?

If we are truly grateful for what we know we can do and we have incorporated that knowledge into our lives, we will even be able to observe the clues that ignite our heart’s passion.

In order to do that we need to take action with what we CAN do, not what we CAN’T do.

Just think about it, we can choose to act with what we do well and watch the outcome. We can observe how it makes us feel and how it impacts others, all with one choice to act.

I guarantee you the outcome of using our talents will produce more energy and benevolence in the world, especially when we use those talents to help others with no conditions assigned to the action we take.

Today, ask  yourself when things are not feeling harmonious in your body or mind:
How is what I am paying attention to serving me, right now?

If your are honest and you see that what you are focusing on is not serving you well, then change it to a thought that will.

Then act on it immediately.

You will see light enter where there was once darkness and you will become the co-creator of your own new successful outcome.

Author: David Giwerc,MCC
ADD Coach Academy
Founder & President