Discover the Hidden Strengths Buried Deep Inside Your ADHD Brain

ADHD Education

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of brilliant, intelligent and highly creative individuals with ADHD. 

They have shared with me that they intuitively knew there was a hidden light within them, but it was covered by a dark veil that did not allow them to experience the radiance of their own brilliance. 

When they were introduced to the tools I share in this book, the different models, strategies and coaching skills taught at the ADD Coach Academy and began to integrate them into their lives, as well as those of their clients with ADHD, the darkness began to lift, layer by layer, and it allowed rays of divine light to shine through.

However, for many, this light was such a new discovery and it was so bright that they were overwhelmed by its radiance. They were afraid to bring it into the world. They simply could not understand what it meant. As we began the journey of excavating and understanding their new layers of light, they also began to understand what their ignorance and the world’s ignorance of ADHD had done to them for so long. They began to realize they would have to create their own independent way of seeing themselves and embrace their ADHD, the unique brain wiring that is theirs alone. They began to realize, too, that within each of them lay natural strengths with which they could build a path to their dreams and eventually find success, fulfillment and joy.

You may not believe these words yet. Brilliance, radiance, uniqueness? That’s not me, you might say. If you have felt broken — as I did for so many years before discovering and understanding my unique brand of ADHD — these may be hard adjectives to digest. But believe me, they describe you, too. As you take this journey, we will explore your ADHD together from the chemical make-up of your brain to the belief systems that hold you back, and with a little faith, you, too, will meet with a new you: brilliant, radiant and unique. 


This article was updated and excerpted from Permission to Proceed: The Keys to Creating a Life of Passion, Purpose and Possibility for Adults with ADHD, David Giwerc, Founder/President, ADD Coach Academy, ADDCA, Master Certified ADHD Coach