Last Night’s Historical ADDA Webinar Interview and a Note From David

ADDCA In The News

Hello everyone and to those of you who attended last night's ADDA webinar.  I just wanted to take the time to thank the 500+ attendees that were so supportive and kind-hearted during my exciting and wonderful interview.  The interview was with the dynamic, compassionate and wonderful ADDA host Linda Roggli. 

I have lately been so grateful to the countless number of people who have been sending their condolences and heartfelt support during the grieving process of losing my dad a few weeks ago. He may not be in the physical world but of course he will always be with me in my spiritual world. 

After last night's webinar, I am positively overwhelmed with the love and support you are all providing not only about the interview with Linda, but by a large number of people that have been sending me e-mails, cards, gifts and more to honor me and Marla during the passing of my dad. 

Thank you all for demonstrating how important connection is in a world that is isolating and depriving itself of the bond and connection so necessary for us to grow during good times and bad times. As I go through my grieving process, I know it is going to be turbulent but knowing that I am supported by such a loving, caring community makes it so much easier to deal with the limbic disconnection of losing my dad. 

I also know that having a positive mindset, that has to be resilient, is what has always gotten me through the difficult times. It will continue to be a major foundation for my life, my family, friends and the life of those I coach, teach and train.  What I do know is that no matter how tough it gets, life is a beautiful. It is a wonderful conglomeration of micro-moments that we have the power to create based on the choices we make in any given moment. What you pay attention to grows. 

So when your body feels tense, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed, take a moment to pause and pay attention to those special pictures in your mind, on your bulletin board, refrigerator, laptop, in your office, or any special place you frequently visit. Take the time to think about those special moments you have collected and really pause so you can breathe in and feel the life-giving and broadening emotions of joy, gratitude, interest, inspiration, love and more.  These are the powerful emotions that each one of us has the ability to access; and to ignite our hearts and head with the intention of creating a more fulfilling and purposeful life full of passion and possibilities. 

Once again thank you all for the generous giving of your hearts to support me during a challenging time. I will never be able to accurately convey the strong emotions you have ignited in me but what I can do is express the deep level of gratitude, hope, joy and inspiration I feel right now. Thank you all for your generous and sincere gift!!!