New ADDCA Rap Song and Lyrics

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Here is the link and lyrics for ADDCA’s new rap song written and produced by Mary Gault who is in our Advanced 27 Coach Training program.


You can listen to the music at:

Here are the lyrics:

It’s Advanced 27, and we want you to know
You’ve brought us a long way, but there’s more to go
Thanks David & Barbara for leading us here
Jerry and Roger, for laughs and good cheer.

This year of enrichment was more than a class
Openness, honesty, bonding alas
We’re ending today with hope and clear
Vision for us with support from our peers

Thanks for the questions, the concepts, and LEAP
To launch and explore as we tried to dig deep
Action and passion move us ever higher
Finding the plan that fulfills our desire

We’ve got Questversation, we’ve learned to receive
We filter, we witness, we challenge beliefs.
The ICF gave us the ACTP
And I’m still here looking around for my keys.

Dave Giwerc’s alliterations have given me pause
To ponder and process and pinpoint because
My purpose, my passion, possibilities
Permit my proceeding, with or without keys

I’m impulsive and restless, I procrastinate
I’m bad with transitions and I’m usually late.
I talk all the time, but I have a good brain
And you’ve taught me to use it for financial gain!

Magic moments on mountains remind us of our
machine, mind, and mission, the source of the power.
from black and white thinking to rainbows of light
The future that we have before us is bright.

You’ve given us hope and the means to an end
And taught us that we will do well to depend
Upon one another, to get what we need
Together our missions will surely succeed.

Mary Gault, MA, LPC
A New Leaf
ADHD Coaching