Take My Hand - A New Musical Piece

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This is an original piece of music created by ADDCA student Kris Moauro and his musical producer Pete Palazzolo. 

Among other things, research shows people with ADHD have more creativity.  This music piece is an example of that creativity and stemed from it's creators desire to overcome their ADHD and inspire others to do the same.


Listen to the music here


The Meaning Behind the Song
By Kris Moauro

For months, I had distanced myself from the outside world; the people I love & many of the things I enjoy doing. Not knowing at the time that undiagnosed ADHD was the underlying cause of my depression, anxiety, anti-social behavior & suicidal thoughts.

The effects it had on me almost put me over the edge. If this discovery had come just hours later, it would have been too late, as I had already made the decision to end my life.

The day after my discovery I went outside & saw that the sun was still shining, the clouds were still moving & the wind was still blowing. This validated to me that I was still breathing, I was still here, & I was still alive. There’s a reason I’m still alive.

So I started writing. I had a lot to say. I had a story to tell.

There’s a reason why we struggle. Struggles develop your strengths. When you go through such a grueling struggle and decide not to surrender, that is when you find strength; a strength so strong that it motivates you to be better, to move forward & to work tirelessly to reach your full potential, & to help others in doing the same.

I hope to help others by doing this. I hope they will turn to my song for inspiration & motivation.

"God let you experience the hardest troubles so that someday you will have a testimony that will bless others and give them hope".

If you have ever experienced pain, of any kind; mentally or physically, please know that you are not alone. There is always a solution to the problems you are faced with.

There is always someone there to offer you their shoulder to cry on; their hand to hold.

Take my hand,
Kris Moauro




Take My Hand - Lyrics

Ohh I can feel the wind blowing
Ohh I can feel the wind blowing
Ohh I can feel the wind blowing
Take my hand, there’s a reason I’m alive

It was a dark & lonely time, never thought that I’d survive
The days were long; when nothing’s right everything is wrong
When you’re held captive in a scary place & tears are rolling down your face
I made a choice to end all the pain
And hold my head up high
Hold my head up high

How do I prove that I’m a man, when it’s all uphill & it’s hard to stand
God is alive, I’m letting Him drive & I’m never looking back
A father, husband, brother & son
These are the things that I’ve become
One life to live with so much to give
 I’m following my heart
I’m following my heart


If you want something that you’ve never had
You’ll have to do something that you’ve never done
Always believe it, you can achieve it
Get out there live & breathe it
Keep raising the bar higher each day
Continue your climb you’ve got something to say
It’s your time to shine

Cant’cha feel it blowin’
You can achieve it, believe it
Gotta live & breathe it

I can feel it blowin’
There’s a reason that I’m still alive
Take my hand there’s so much to give

Ya it’s blowin’
Don’t wait til tomorrow