David Giwerc Talks About ADHD Coaching on reWired with Eric Tivers

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David Giwerc, Founder & President of ADD Coach Academy, recently appeared on ADHD reWired with Eric Tivers.

In this interview, David talks about what coaching does for people with ADHD.  He also describes what the purpose of ADHD coaching is, and maybe more importantly, what coaching is NOT. 

To listen to the audio recording:

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You’ll Learn:

  • [08:01] - David describes ADHD coaching, and shares why this coaching is unique.
  • [13:01] - “A really masterful coaching doesn’t need to know a single thing about the thing they’re coaching” is something that resounded with me.
  • [15:13] - David and I share our thoughts on viewing ADHD as a gift.
  • [21:40] - David explains it’s easier for him to transition from task to task. He shares a technique he thinks may help me.
  • [26:25] - David says that perfectionism paralyzes progress. He also explains vision vs. revision and perfection vs. excellence.
  • [29:56] - David talks about feeling emotionally right.
  • [33:19] - I explain that our internal stories are like breathing. However, we can be mindful and control our inner voice.
  • [42:43] - David describes the “I model.”
  • [57:09] - David talks about accountability and responsibility.