Personal Transformation “PT” Course

(100) "PT" Prerequisite II


During the Personal Transformation course, you will engage in a transformational process to discover and explore new realms of your being that will positively change the way you look at yourself and others.

So you've finished taking Simply ADHD.


Now, you understand your ADHD and what's been getting in the way all those years.

The dark veil of ADHD pessimism has been lifted. Your natural brilliance and strengths are shining; you just don't know what to do with them.

Well you are now ready to begin the Personal Transformation, "PT" course where you will begin to develop a strong foundation for your own self development.

In this course, you will begin to integrate your knowledge of ADHD into your own transformational process so that you can build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

You will create a clear definition of your most cherished values as a new blueprint for your own integrity and begin to identify new boundaries that will be aligned with your chosen purpose.

The Academy calls our 18 session course, PT, "Personal Transformation" because that is exactly what will happen when you participate in this life-changing program.

During "PT" you will learn:

  • Powerful tools to dramatically change the way you look at yourself and what kind of behavior you will accept from others
  • How to identify the boundaries that were blinded by your ADHD, and successfully use them as a powerful tool to dramatically improve your quality of life
  • How the needs of acceptance, acknowledgment, understanding and respect are huge gaps in your life and how you can fulfill these needs so your true self can emerge
  • How to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs like the speed trap, performance paradigm and the one- size fits- all mentality which are all illusions that prevented you from embracing your unique strengths
  • How the chaos, your ADHD created, can be converted into a clear purpose for you to pursue
  • How your confusion and overwhelm when performing challenging tasks can be transformed into a new discovery of your hidden strengths aligned with your heartfelt values.

"PT" will literally transform you from an anxious, overwhelmed human always feeling like you have to prove your worth, to becoming a confident human being, with integrity, who knows what they need to become their true, authentic self.

Personal Transformation (M-100) is the our other foundational course and is also the second prerequisite course for the Basic and Advanced ADD Coach Training Programs. It must be taken after the Simply ADHD course (M-99)


Program Details

What's Included

What is included in the Personal Transformation course tuition?

General Teleclasses:
Long Distance Learning: All teleclasses  are conducted on the highest quality fiber optic telephone bridge lines.


Module 100 (Personal Transformation) (9 weeks)
Two 90-minute teleclasses / week 



Electronic Manuals:
We have gone green! You will receive an extensive, well-organized, electronic Personal Transformation course manual which includes mind maps for visual learners.  (Hard copy manuals are available for additional charge at checkout)

Password-protected student portal:
The student portal provides access to teleclass recordings, library, forums, and announcements.



Teleclass recordings: 
All teleclasses are recorded so if you miss an occassional teleclass or just want to review, you can listen to the recording 24/7. Listen on your computer or download to your iPod!



Learning Partners/Triads:
You will be matched with a classmate learning partner and be given weekly exercises.


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Course Modules

Personal Transformation (PT) (M-100)
Module: 100
During this next foundational course, you will engage in a transformational exploration of a set of coaching tools you will use first for yourself, then with your ADHD clients. You will participate in your own process of growth and self development while also learning from the process of others. You'll get your first look at the ADDCA Foundational Principles which will provide you with a powerful lens to view your best, authentic self and begin developing your own foundational principles upon which your coaching business will stand.

The end goal of the PT classes is to create a clear picture of the key strengths, values, and attributes which genuinely identify who you are so that what you choose to do with your life is aligned with your core essence as a human being. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what your clients with and without ADHD will experience in their own journey toward personal growth, success and fulfillment. It will provide you with expanded insight and confidence as you integrate the ADHD coaching skills with your future clients.

Module Details

Course Dates

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Module 100 (Personal Transformation Course) *Pick one date only*

(PT-63) March 16, 2016 - May 18, 2016 | M&W 12:00-1:30 PM Eastern Time

(PT-64) May 17, 2016 - July 21, 2016 | T&Th 10:00-11:30 AM Eastern Time

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Pricing and Registration

Personal Transformation (PT) Course - Stand Alone

Must Have Completed: Simply ADHD Course (M-99)
Includes: Personal Transformation (PT) Course (M-100) Foundational Course - Prerequisite II

Payment in Full: $1049
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Payment Plan: $595 Deposit-then 2 monthly payment of $255 ($1104)
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