Since most ADHD coaching is successfully conducted via the telephone, coaches and clients can be located in different states or even different countries! As long as the client is motivated, the coach well-trained and there is a comfortable connection between the two, the coaching/client partnership can be extremely beneficial.

The coaches listed in our directory have successfully completed the ADD Coach Academy's high standards of ADHD coach training reflected in the designations below:

ACG and PACG - Advanced Level training
180+ hours of coach training; 100 client coaching hours

ACCG - Advanced Level Certification
180+ hours of coaching training; 350 client coaching hours

AACC - Basic Level Certification
90+ hours of coach training; 75 client coaching hours


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The ADD Coach Academy takes great pride in being the first and only comprehensive ADHD coach training program fully accredited with the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) designation granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the governing body for the coaching profession.
Our Professional (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) instructors teach from an appreciation of ADHD as a unique brain wiring with strengths to build upon and also manage weaknesses that can prevent progress.
We integrate coaching skills training with a philosophy of understanding each client's uniquely wired brain which allows the coach-client partnership to design an environment where the client can lead a life of satisfying contribution, purpose and fulfillment.

Year after year, the ADD Coach Academy, the global leader in ADHD coach training, proudly graduates the most respected group of ADHD coaches in the world. Our coaches enjoy the personal fulfillment of owning their own businesses in a rewarding profession while empowering their clients with ADHD to positively transform their lives.